Expert Perspective 1: Javier Martínez, Sports Analyst

«The World Cup in Qatar 2022 was already a controversial decision due to the extreme weather conditions and allegations of bribery during the bidding process. However, Qatar has proven its capability to host major sporting events, and with proper infrastructure improvements and cooler stadium technology, they might be able to successfully host the World Cup in 2024.»

Expert Perspective 1 highlights the controversy surrounding Qatar’s previous World Cup bid and emphasizes the challenges posed by the extreme weather conditions. Nevertheless, the expert acknowledges the potential of Qatar to overcome these obstacles through infrastructure enhancements and innovative cooling technologies.

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Expert Perspective 2: Maria López, Economist

«The World Cup is a global phenomenon that attracts millions of fans, creates job opportunities, and boosts the host country’s economy. Qatar has already invested heavily in infrastructure projects related to the 2022 World Cup, and hosting the event again in 2024 could provide an additional economic stimulus, helping to diversify their revenue sources beyond oil.»

Expert Perspective 2 emphasizes the economic benefits of hosting the World Cup, highlighting the potential for job creation and a boost in Qatar’s economy. By hosting the tournament again in 2024, Qatar could further capitalize on its prior infrastructure investments and continue diversifying its sources of income.

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Expert Perspective 3: Sarah Johnson, Human Rights Activist

«The World Cup in Qatar has raised serious concerns regarding human rights violations, particularly regarding the treatment of migrant workers involved in construction projects. While FIFA claims to have pushed for labor reforms, the reality on the ground remains alarming. Awarding Qatar with another World Cup could provide an opportunity to demand further improvements and hold the country accountable for its labor practices.»

Expert Perspective 3 focuses on the human rights issues associated with Qatar’s World Cup hosting. The expert highlights the need for ongoing scrutiny of labor conditions and suggests that awarding Qatar with another World Cup could serve as a platform for demanding greater accountability and reforms to address these concerns.

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